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It Was The Right Decision

By Caroline Ak Madang

I am an Iban from Sibu, Sarawak. I am the second child and the eldest daughter in a family of 7 siblings. My father is a bus driver and my mother is a homemaker. It was in 2008 when my aunt Margaret approached me about going for training at YWCA VTOC. This was because she was looking for someone who was serious about wanting to continue their studies. She got permission from my parents to let me go to the VTOC in KL to do the Kindergarten Teachers Training.

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She explained to them about the course and then told my parents to discuss with me. It took me a whole year before I said ‘Yes” to leave home and come to Kuala Lumpur. This was because I had never left home and been separated from my family. I prayed to God to help me make the right decision and on 3rd January 2009, I came to VTOC.

We met all the staff and the lecturers who gave us the rules and regulations whilst at VTOC. The year went by very fast. I was very happy to learn new things. Apart from the learning experience, we learnt discipline from some amazing women who actually became our ‘parents’ at VTOC.

Besides our studies we also had indoor and outdoor activities by different organizations and volunteers. These included Time Management, Entrepreneur Training, talks by Toastmaster and many others. We also learnt leadership development, skills development and also shelter and support services. All these activities gave me confidence as well more knowledge, which I knew, will help many including the people in Sarawak.

After the course at VTOC, I went on to further my studies at Dika College. I now have a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. I did this while teaching at a kindergarten in Petaling Jaya and attending lectures during the weekends. It was a very happy moment during my graduation at Dika College in October 2011 when both my parents were able to attend my graduation ceremony.


Today, I feel so happy because I am a trained kindergarten teacher. As I teach young children in my own hometown, I remember always that it is the VTOC that has given me this confidence. One day, I want to help motivate others to do what I have done.

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