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VTOC Gave Me A New Life

By Thanamletchumy Nadeson

I never had the opportunity to go to school! I come from a family of 3 children. One day, my mother left home with my 2 siblings. When I was 6 year old my father never came back home. I was then taken care of by relatives who ill-treated me. The police had to rescue me. I was 10 year old and placed in a Welfare Home. At a young age I had to start working in various places to support myself. While working, I was encouraged by my  ‘adopted’ family at the Welfare Home to undertake a skill-based course. Mrs. Amy Bala, a social worker introduced me to YWCA VTOC. She gave me courage to take up the Tailoring & Sewing Course and this was because I could only speak a little English.

Thanamletchumy Nadeson.jpg

With guidance from the Board Members of VTOC, I was able to successfully complete my 1-year training in the year 1999. While doing the course, I also learnt how to converse and write in English. After completion of the training, I was given the responsibility of operating the Sewing Centre at VTOC. This was a centre where tailoring orders were taken from the public. I also took over the Tailoring Centre and paid rental to the YWCA.


Besides, I was given the responsibility of taking charge of the trainees who were living at VTOC. I was matron of the VTOC Hostel until 2008. While doing this, I obtained 3 more diplomas in advance Sewing & Tailoring. Now I am a Teacher for the Sewing & Tailoring Course at VTOC. As a result of all that I have done in my life thus far and being able to earn more money through part timework, I was able to buy a brand new car and am now enjoying my independence – A Wish That I Always Had Has Finally Come True.


I will never be able to express enough gratitude to all who have helped me in one way or another in making me what I am today. I will always make VTOC my home and its community, my family. VTOC has given me happiness by fulfilling my dreams. I will continue to do my best for the VTOC and the trainees of the Sewing & Tailoring Course of which I am in charge. God Bless everyone at VTOC.

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