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A Show of Light and Dark - A Glow in the Dark Dance Performance

Our VTOC dance crew switched off the lights and turned up the neon with this creative and uplifting dance number in ultraviolet!

This performance was specially prepared by our trainees in conjunctions to Merdeka Celebration 2021. Our girls in the VTOC Dance Crew banded together to perform this dance choreographed by our Student Council President Leah, performed to the song Fireflies by Owl City.

This performance is unique not only because of its concept but also because it has only two props. Just by using an ultraviolet light, an all-black outfit complemented with white gloves, and, a carefully planned choreography paired together with a catchy song, the girls were able to piece together this super creative display of movement and light.

To add on our trainees were able to pull this creative performance with only 6 days of practice within their hectic daily schedule. Their hard work and dedication can be seen in their performance. This performance also had a shoutout request to be re-performed by spectators. Our kind performers did fulfil those request by re-performing the “Glow in the Dark” show.

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